Thursday, June 3, 2010


Title: Adekan (艶漢)

By: Nao Tsukiji (尚月地)

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Status: Book 1-2 released with no news of a third book yet. Chinese translation has released book 1 & 2. English translation has only released 3 chapters... D:

Uke, Shiro is an umbrella craftsman who is bent out on not wearing any underwear (loincloth in their times.) Part-time mother part-time seme, Kojiro is a hot-blooded police officer. The two continues to wind up in messed up situations filled with murder, blood, and promising positions full of kinks for all types of different tastes.

The plot is just my taste, a little dark and twisted but with quite a few of humor points to ruin the serious times at just the right moment. There is murder and enough brutal (not to the point of gruesome thought) details to the story to give it that dark mood. The art is amazing, the designs are fantastic, totally detailed and fancy. I mean, just look at the cover and you'll know what I mean. XD

And there is another plus side to this already plus-plus-plus manga: it is HEAVY with BL. I mean, one of them is a nudist who repeatedly flashes his man-organ everywhere and the other is a mother-hen who continues to try and keep the other one's pants on. I mean even too much smut at times can get a little bland... D: So this is just right for me. And as gay as they are, it is not explicit yaoi, it is only shounen-ai, which is surprisingly satisfying. XD

Book 2 cover, be in awe because I was:


cheezy said...

Tsukiji Nao is... <3 I think the mangaka's male, but I could be wrong. Adekan's in my wish list for so long, just couldn't get my ass out to order it XD

But still, all the nude tease is too much, that guy should just hump the flasher already!! *_*

cheezy said...

OH well, thanks to you, I ordered the books! Kuro, you're such a bad influence XD

Kuro said...

AHH!! You ordered the books already!!! -super jealous- DDD; If I went back to HK, I'm so buying it!! *u*

The artist is a guy??! Woah... I thought it was female... but meh, who really cares when the art is amazing~~? XDD

I think the police officer have the flasher's thing too many times XDDD

cheezy said...

He secretly like staring at the flasher's weewee ;D I'm not sure where I read that Tsukiji Nao's male, but I maybe wrong. :D

Hm, don't they have Chinese bookstores in Canada? Maybe you can try your luck there instead.

Kinda funny the cover for volume 1 is from Tong Li which I believe is from Taiwan and the second volume is from Front Media XD Did Tong Li drop the title? I hate it when they change publisher.

Look at what happened to my Yami no Matsuei. Thanks to them I have to get another copy in Japanese... ;__;

Kuro said...

I don't think its secretly anymore cuz its just outright there (in his face) XDD

It's rare to find chinese bookstores in Canada and even if they had it(which would be so rare), it will be expensive (remember our 13% tax?)

XDD Actually I didn't even noticed the change of publisher DD: But I do know that the second volume was in simplified chinese DD: Changing publisher is just unappealing to the eys DD:

TuT your poor books!!! DD:

cheezy said...

Oh shit... 13% O_O... Ouch, hope you go back HK annually now! Tax freeeeee!!~~

;__; Other than simplified, the titled's totally different. One's something like 爱上坏坏的死神 and another is the more accurate Jap translation... Sigh D: